Guiding Idea

Our brand Asiagourmet is founded on the diversity of our product range in combination with urban design. 

The foundation of our brands is the range of fast pan-Asian cuisine at restaurant- level quality standards combined with urban flair. Alongside the broad product range – from Vietnamese to Japanese cuisine, the quality of ingredients as well as the freshness of our products play a key role. We organise the preparation of our food as transparently as possible. Therefore, an integral part of most of our restaurant is front-cooking.

The high-quality product range goes hand in hand with a moderate pricing policy – made possible through the continual optimisation of processes. The focus on quality is reflected in a professional corporate design. The design of the restaurants, in particular, relies on high quality materials and interiors. We place a high value on an open, friendly atmosphere. The actual realisation is overseen by renowned designers and interior architects.


Setting standards is an indicator for the credibility of our philosophy. Under the core brand values of enjoyment and experience, we offer our guests Asian cuisine paired with a contemporary ambiance. 

Here, the central credo is continual development on all levels. In order to guarantee this, it is crucial that our brands display credible orientation. Not all system catering is created equal, so our own standards are of the highest priority. This begins with an authentic product range and ends with a high-value image. Alongside our product range and atmosphere, the setting of such standards is exhibited in the selection of our franchise-holders and employees. At the end of the day, they are our personal calling call and have direct contact to our customers. Our team displays not only passion for Asian cuisine, but also have Asian heritage. Most of our staff stem from countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and China.


With regards to our product range, we pay attention to high quality, regional diversity and fresh preparation. 

Derived from healthy cuisine, we like to refer to our product range as Well-Food. We not only pay attention to market freshness, but also to healthy preparation. We achieve high, consistent product quality through central purchasing and ordering guidelines for our franchise-holders – from carefully selected system suppliers to wares of certain quality categories.

Our pan-Asian offering includes Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, as well as Japanese cuisine and ranges from warm Asian dishes to sushi. Typical dishes consist of some meat, a lot of vegetables and rice or noodles. The final highlight are the sauces, which are produced according to old in-house recipes. A special feature of our dishes is the employment of seasonal and regional products. Alongside newly conceived dishes, it is the classics in particular that make up a permanent component of our product range. 


Our visual identity is carried by a unified corporate identity. A guarantor of consistency – from the interior to the menu.

The Corporate Design results in credible communication, making application of the brand's visual identity easier for the franchise-holder. The „basic framework“ of the corporate design guarantees stringent presentation both offline and online. A consistent application of the visual language acts to support our high-quality offering and increases the value and credibility of the entire brand.

An integral component of communication is a professionally conceived spatial concept. Our architectural office works closely with landlords and designers in order to guarantee the optimal experience for the location. The central point of our restaurants is usually a long counter with an open kitchen. The general atmosphere is urban with light Asian touches. The interior is sleek and upscale. Lighting sets accents and contributes to the feeling of well being. The tonality of the restaurants is expressed in the colour of the brand Asiagourmet – in contrast to a light spatial design.