Authentic cuisine from different regions of Asia in a modern atmosphere – that's what our successful brand Asiagourmet is all about.








We distinguish ourselves through our shared love for the Asian kitchen.

Delicacies from the diverse regions of Asia in a relaxed setting – that is what Asiagourmet stands for. For 30 years we have been standing for superior quality and a straightforward preparation of foods on site in our various locations. The wide range we are offering impresses through authentic Asian specialities. Our chefs prepare highlights from Vietnam, Thailand, China and Japan in an open kitchen – straightforward, fresh and delicious. In a relaxed atmosphere we are offering the right choice for every occasion, whether it may be a simple snack or a meal to calm down with. Our young and international Team mirrors our values; they are completing this special restaurant experience at Asiagourmet.


Excellent ingredients, exotic spices and the fresh preparation of vibrant dishes – Asia at its finest.

Get to know authentic specialities from the diverse regions of Asia: freshly and quickly prepared, with lots of love for the detail. Alongside with modern colorful creations, we offer traditional dishes of the Asian kitchen. Whether it may be Vietnamese Pho Bo noodle soup, spicy mango curry, crispy duck or one of the numerous vegetarian variations – Asiagourmet has committed itself to the notion of representing the Asian world in all its diversity and has always delighted with a tenderly assembled menu.

Not only fans of the Asian kitchen will feel at home with us. To all gourmets, who do appreciate a straightforward, fresh and healthy meal, we offer a place to feel at ease in.

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