Asiagourmet Group

With numerous restaurants, the ASIAGOURMET GROUP is synonymous with professional system catering. Since its foundation in 1990, the Group has developed into one of the most successful Asian system caterers on the market. From the invention of the Chinese noodle pan to the establishment of our successful brand Asiagourmet, we link our experience of more than 30 years company history with the rising expectations of our customers. Continual development and improvement of existing concepts has always taken priority. The group houses several Asian brands under one roof – including the extraordinarily successful Asiagourmet restaurants.


The engine for the development of our business is permanent optimisation on all levels. Asiagourmet and our subbrands position themselves in the system catering market. An important feature of this business are the standards and uniform product range in all of a brand's locations.

Recent years have seen a continual increase in the share of system caterer renters in the overall German rental market. The broad field of Asia cuisine in particular has taken a permanent place in this sector of the food business. This trend is most apparent in the growth of Asian franchise concepts in the mid-to-upper price segment.

The Asiagourmet Group recognised the signs of the time very early on and played a considerable role in this development. As the market develops, concepts are continually optimised and transferred to the various brands. The main indicators for the success of this strategy are, on the one hand, a high degree of customer satisfaction (which can be read in countless online reviews) and, on the other hand, the continual growth in revenue.


Our good name and comprehensive support contribute to the sustainable success of our franchise-holders.

Taking on a franchise agreement requires a six-month period of initial training in an existing location. This principle primarily benefits employees of many years. At the annual meeting the franchise-holders are informed on results, new concepts, products and trends. Here, continued staff training is a top priority. In workshops, members of the staff play an active role in the optimisation process. The rental of suitable commercial spaces must meet our location-specific requirements. We plan, manage and control the remodelling of the restaurants. This includes the technical equipping and the continual optimisation of outlets.

In order to present a unified brand profile, we take care of all communication measures. We also support our franchise-holders with certain standards such as recipe guidelines and the provision of our home-made sauces.


Our distribution is marked by strong partners and first-class locations. Through our heterogenous business models, we can apply the appropriate concept to the location.

Besides the quality standards of our concept, the choice of location is central to our success. We currently have 50 branches (as of 2020) in operation, which are focused on highly frequented locations across Germany. The urban positioning of our locations can be seen through the structure of our landlords. We have long worked successfully with partners such as Deutsche Bahn AG, ECE and Unibail Rodamco, which house a good half of our restaurants.

Worth mentioning here are the central stations in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne. By 2020 we have added many excellent locations – like Munich Central Station and Düsseldorf Airport, such as Vienna and Bern. Thanks to our success in the Europe-wide tender for the new Berlin Brandenburg International (BER) airport – in which more than 600 applications for 23 highly sought-after food spaces took part, in 2020 Asiagourmet will become one of the selected Restaurants on BER.