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Welcome to our world of diversity.

With numerous brands and 46 restaurants,
the ASIAGOURMET GROUP is synonymous with professional system catering.

From the invention of the Chinese noodle pan to the establishment of a successful multi-brand strategy,
we link our experience of more than 25 years company history with the rising expectations of our customers.
Through our diversified brands, we are able as a group to act with exceptional flexibility and are capable
of offering both our guests and our franchise-holders the appropriate concept for each field.

Let yourself be convinced and become a member of our family.


Since its foundation in 1990, the Asiagourmet Group has developed into
one of the most successful Asian system caterers on the market.

Continual development and improvement of existing concepts has always taken priority. Having launched with small snack bars with the opening of the first Asia-Snack location in 1995, we laid the foundation for a high-quality franchise system. The group houses several Asian brands under one roof – including the extraordinarily successful Asiagourmet restaurants. One of the strengths of the Asiagourmet Group is its multi-brand strategy. Since the brands stand for different food concepts, the company can react to the market with a great amount of flexibility.


The engine for the development of our business
is permanent optimisation on all levels.

Our brands position themselves in the system catering market. An important feature of this business are the standards and uniform product range in all of a brand's locations.

Recent years have seen a continual increase in the share of system caterer renters in the overall German rental market. The broad field of Asia cuisine in particular has taken a permanent place in this sector of the food business. This trend is most apparent in the growth of Asian franchise concepts in the mid-to-upper price segment.

The Asiagourmet Group recognised the signs of the time very early on and played a considerable role in this development. As the market develops, concepts are continually optimised and transferred to the various brands. The main indicators for the success of this strategy are, on the one hand, a high degree of customer satisfaction (which can be read in countless online reviews) and, on the other hand, the continual growth in revenue.


Our good name and comprehensive support contribute to the
sustainable success of our franchise-holders.

Taking on a franchise agreement requires a six-month period of initial training in an existing location. This principle primarily benefits employees of many years. At the annual meeting the franchise-holders are informed on results, new concepts, products and trends. Here, continued staff training is a top priority. In workshops, members of the staff play an active role in the optimisation process.

The rental of suitable commercial spaces must meet our location-specific requirements. We plan, manage and control the remodelling of the restaurants. This includes the technical equipping and the continual optimisation of outlets.

In order to present a unified brand profile, we take care of all communication measures. We also support our franchise-holders with certain standards such as recipe guidelines and the provision of our home-made sauces.


Our distribution is marked by
strong partners and first-class locations.

Our strengths are especially apparent in our differently positioned brands. Through our heterogenous business models, we can apply the appropriate concept to the location. For example, the Asiagourmet brand works well in large areas, while Asiagofresh is ideal for small spaces. With our Aiso brand we are able to serve more upscale locations.

Besides the quality standards of our concept, the choice of location is central to our success. We currently have 46 branches (as of May 2018) in operation, which are focused on highly frequented locations across Germany. The urban positioning of our locations can be seen through the structure of our landlords. We have long worked successfully with partners such as Deutsche Bahn AG, ECE (e.g. Potdamer Platz Arkaden, Berlin) and mfi, which house a good half of our restaurants.

Worth mentioning here are the central stations in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne. Thanks to our success in the Europe-wide tender for the new Berlin Brandenburg International (BER) airport, in which more than 600 applications for 23 highly sought-after food spaces took part, we signed a rental agreement with our new partner – Flughafen Schönefeld GmbH – in May 2010. With Munich Central Station and Düsseldorf Airport, we have added two excellent locations for 2014.

Guiding Idea

Our brands are founded on the diversity of our product range
in combination with urban design.

The foundation of our brands is the range of fast pan-Asian cuisine at restaurant-level quality standards combined with urban flair. Alongside the broad product range of our different brands, from Vietnamese to Japanese cuisine, the quality of ingredients as well as the freshness of our products play a key role. We organise the preparation of our food as transparently as possible. Therefore, an integral part of most of our restaurant is front-cooking.

The high-quality product range goes hand in hand with a moderate pricing policy – made possible through the continual optimisation of processes. The focus on quality is reflected in a professional corporate design. The design of the restaurants, in particular, relies on high quality materials and interiors. We place a high value on an open, friendly atmosphere. The actual realisation is overseen by renowned designers and interior architects.


Setting standards is an indicator for
the credibility of our philosophy.

People lie at the centre of our philosophy. Under the core brand values of enjoyment and experience, we offer our guests Asian cuisine paired with a contemporary ambiance. Here, the central credo is continual development on all levels. In order to guarantee this, it is crucial that our brands display credible orientation. Not all system catering is created equal, so our own standards are of the highest priority. This begins with an authentic product range and ends with a high-value image. Alongside our product range and atmosphere, the setting of such standards is exhibited in the selection of our franchise-holders and employees. At the end of the day, they are our personal calling call and have direct contact to our customers. Our team displays not only passion for Asian cuisine, but also have Asian heritage. Most of our staff stem from countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and China.


With regards to our product range, we pay attention to high quality,
regional diversity and fresh preparation.

Derived from healthy cuisine, we like to refer to our product range as Well-Food. We not only pay attention to market freshness, but also to healthy preparation. We achieve high, consistent product quality through central purchasing and ordering guidelines for our franchise-holders – from carefully selected system suppliers to wares of certain quality categories.

The range of our brands offers typical Asian cuisine with European influences. Our pan-Asian offering includes Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese as well as Japanese cuisine and ranges from warm Asian dishes to sushi. Typical dishes consist of some meat, a lot of vegetables and rice or noodles. The final highlight are the sauces, which are produced according to old in-house recipes. A special feature of our dishes is the employment of seasonal and regional products.

Alongside newly conceived dishes, it is the classics in particular that make up a permanent component of our product range. These include the vegetable pan and diverse variations of curry chicken as well as the Vietnamese national dish, Pho – a rice noodle soup with beef.


Our visual identity is carried by a unified corporate identity.
A guarantor of consistency – from the interior to the menu.

Our brands are known for a unique visual stringency. The basis for this is a professionally produced corporate design (CD), which serves as a guideline for the entire design concept.

The CD results in credible communication, making application of the brand's visual identity easier for the franchise-holder. The „basic framework“ of the corporate design guarantees stringent presentation both offline and online. A consistent application of the visual language acts to support our high-quality offering and increases the value and credibility of the entire brand.

Spatial concept
An integral component of communication is a professionally conceived spatial concept. Our architectural office works closely with landlords and designers in order to guarantee the optimal experience for the location. The central point of our restaurants is usually a long counter with an open kitchen. The general atmosphere is urban with light Asian touches. The interior is sleek and upscale. The tonality of the restaurants is expressed in the colour of the respective brand and stands in contrast to a light spatial design. Lighting sets accents and contributes to the feeling of well being.


Our broad brand portfolio covers all relevant fields
of Asian system catering – from pan-Asian cuisine to sushi.

One of the strengths of the Asiagourmet Group is its multi-brand strategy. Since the brands stand for different food concepts,
the company can react to the market with great flexibility. The main focus is currently on the Asiagourmet and Asiagofresh brands.
The brand 3CO is also being strengthened at selected locations. Furthermore, the brands Asia-Snack, Sushi and more,
Yasumi and Tam Sushi are important components of our portfolio.
The beginning of a success story. Still today, one finds quickly prepared Asian specialities in the individual Asia-Snack locations. For lovers of fast Japanese cuisine. At the sushi bar, one finds countless sushi creations and Japanese dishes.


Location list of the Asiagourmet Group, according to brand.
(total of 46 restaurants / as of December 2019)

Asiagourmet (33 Locations)

S-Bahnhof Berlin-Friedrichstraße
10117 Berlin

S-Bahnbogen 116
Fußgängerzone Dircksenstr.
10178 Berlin

Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Europaplatz 1
10557 Berlin

Bhf. Berlin Zoologischer Garten
Hardenbergplatz 9-11
10623 Berlin

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden
Alte Potsdamer Str. 7
10785 Berlin

Zentrum Schöneweide
Schnellerstr. 21
12439 Berlin

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg (BER)
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
12529 Berlin
coming soon

Forum Köpenick
Bahnhofstr. 33-38
12555 Berlin

Rathaus Center Pankow
Breitestr. 20
13187 Berlin

Hallen am Borsigturm
Am Borsigturm 2
13507 Berlin

RuhrPark Via Bartolo
Am Einkaufszentrum 26
44791 Bochum

Dortmund Hauptbahnhof
Königswall 15
44137 Dortmund

Dresden Hauptbahnhof
Wiener Platz 4 / Im Hauptbahnhof
01069 Dresden

Flughafen Düsseldorf
Flughafenstr. 120
40474 Düsseldorf

Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof
Querbahnsteig Gleis 23
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Gera Arcaden
Heinrichstr. 30
07545 Gera

Gießen Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhofstraße 102
35390 Gießen
coming soon

Bhf. Hamburg-Altona
Scheel-Pessen-Str. 17
22765 Hamburg

Ernst-August-Platz 2
30159 Hannover

Colonaden Hauptbahnhof Köln
Trankgasse 11
50667 Köln

Robert-Koch-Str. 1
30880 Laatzen

Paunsdorf Center Leipzig
Paunsdorfer Allee 1
04329 Leipzig

Promenaden Hauptbahnhof Leipzig
Willy-Brandt-Platz 7
04109 Leipzig

Mainz Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhofplatz 1 / Im Hauptbahnhof
55116 Mainz

München Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhofsplatz 2
1.UG, Hbf U-Bahn
80335 München

Neuss Hauptbahnhof
41460 Neuss

Bahnhofspassagen Potsdam
Babelsberger Str. 16
14473 Potsdam

Stern-Center Potsdam
14480 Potsdam

Regensburg Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhofstr 18
93047 Regensburg

Donau Einkaufszentrum Regensburg
Weichser Weg 5
93059 Regensburg

Ulm Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhofplatz 1
89073 Ulm

Bahnhof City Wien
Am Hauptbahnhof 1 (UG-1)
1100 Wien
Welle 7 / Deck 2
Schanzenstrasse 5
CH-3008 Bern

Asiagofresh (2 Locations)

Bahnhof Berlin-Ostkreuz / Bahnsteig F
10245 Berlin
Potsdamer Platz Arkaden
Alte Potsdamer Str. 7
10785 Berlin

3CO (2 Locations)

Mall of Berlin / Food Court second floor
Leipziger Platz 12
10117 Berlin
Ruhr Park Bochum
Am Einkaufszentrum 5
44791 Bochum

Asia-Snack (5 Locations)

Park Center Treptow
Treptower Park 14
12435 Berlin

Hallen Am Borsigturm
Am Borsigturm 2
13507 Berlin
RuhrPark Via Bartolo
Am Einkaufszentrum 26
44791 Bochum

Allee-Center Leipzig
Ludwigsbuger Str. 9
04209 Leipzig

Sushi and more (4 Locations)

Sushi and more
EKZ Limbecker Platz
Limbecker Platz 1a
42127 Essen

Sushi and more
Rathaus Galerie Leverkusen
Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 1
51373 Leverkusen
Sushi and more
Stern-Center Potsdam
14480 Potsdam

Sushi and more
City Arkaden Wuppertal
Alte Freiheit 9
42103 Wuppertal

Yasumi (1 Location)

Höfe am Brühl
Brühl 1
04109 Leipzig

Tam Sushi (3 Locations)

Tam Yaki
Bhf. Berlin-Frankfurter Allee
Ladenpassage 111a
10247 Berlin

Tam Sushi
Colonaden Hauptbahnhof Köln
Trankgasse 11
50667 Köln
August-Bebel-Ring 13
15566 Schöneiche


We are not currently offering any positions.


Achieving success together.

We are currently looking for food service spaces sized 50m² - 200m² in highly frequented transport hubs, leisure centres and shopping malls, for lease or rent. To support our expansion, we're also searching for you, as a renter, leaser, developer or property owner.

Besides our restaurants with pan-Asian cuisine, we offer restaurants with a country-specific focus – from Thai to Vietnamese. An innovative, successful and tested concept.

Additionally, we offer franchise contracts, consulting, training and creative design and service solutions.

For more information, please contact our Business Development Manager, Mr Yap.

Phone: +49 (0)151 654 56 208
Contact person: Hendrix Yap


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